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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Freedoms Denied to Americans

In our homes we should at least be able to exercise our freedom of thought and speech but under the enhanced interrogation program and the surveillance program they are NOT given this freedom. If they say something that the peeping Tom's do not like then they are zapped or punched or mistreated in some way or another.

This is America and these idiots do not seem to realize that what they are doing to the people in this country will ultimately be done to their families and loved ones. Obviously what my friend said is true." They were not chosen because of what they have but because of what they lack".

How are we safer when the people who are targeted, who wake up with blood drops on their pillows, bruises, tormented images believe that the people who should be protecting them are the people terrorizing them?

I wonder if someday this program will be used to control elections, court cases and senators? Technology and weapons have far outdone the morality of using them.

This goes on for years and years and how did so many Americans get caught up and lose what our constitution guaranteed them?

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Recently in the news there has been many reports concerning sleep deprivation and even TV has caught up with many components of the enhanced intelligence program. The American Psychiatric Association has threatened to remove the license of any psychiatrist that participates in the inhumane use of their profession. Keep in mind sleep deprivation is now used on many innocent people here in the United States as a means to fill their government computers with information about that person. This method has NOT been scientifically proved to be safe or even useful but it continues in many intelligence communities by those with questionable ethics and integrity.

Sleep deprivation cause weight gain, memory loss and many other physical problems but our government does not care. It isn't used on suspected terrorist only it is used on any American where a worthless agent filed information that was not true and received a FISA court warrant. Once these warrant were granted these people then became part of the "No Fly" list that our government wants to deny guns to. The "No Fly" list was supposed to keep us safe not violate constitutional rights. These people were never truly investigated to determine if they were dangerous and many were railroaded into programs for the mentally ill as a means to silence them or to punish them because of unethical agents.

Not to say that we don't need a "No Fly" list but we need to make sure the people on it are really a threat to society and that has not been done.  The public should be up in arms over the use of mind programs that are called enhanced interrogation and sold as safe when they are anything but safe. They should be screaming for their rights and filing lawsuits (which I hear is happening as in the five Viet Nam Vets who won a settlement based upon the illegal use of this technology and weapons) they should be all over the talk shows and the real journalist should be investigating the use of this program. Many of the people may not be guilty of anything but jaywalking!

Monday, November 30, 2015

The whole premise behind the NSA and enhanced intelligence is to get you to say or do something you would not do. These men and women get their jollies off by placing sexual feelings, emotions and images by trying to make you believe that you are having sex upon awakening. Then they try to use that to place an idea in your head. Sounds crazy but to the victims they will understand this post.

Many years ago I was told that I would be controlled through the time I didn't understand this program but I do now. If you are sexually assaulted or raped whether it be in real time or by using the mind to make you think it then it is real. For me I was wide awake and it was done for three nights at the same time and exactly the same leaving me to believe it was a computerized rape or as the victims have complained a mechanical rape. It is still rape and those behind the rapes were corrupt. It leads to their character not mine or any other victim. When a woman is raped it is not their fault it is the rapist who should be ashamed and put away.

This is a method they use to get you to talk. This is done without benefit of your lawyer and denied by our government. I suggest you snap photos of your head and groin. Those photos will show sexual activity. My idea is just to post everything they do and to show their ethics, character and the integrity of this program. It wasn't about mass gathering of emails, wire taps. It was really about the use of enhanced interrogation on innocent citizens in this country and the victimization of people who are placed int his program not because they have done something but to determine everything they did wrong in their lives from jaywalking to murder. Unfortunately in this country we have a constitution that prohibits our government from using such programs but it is ignored. A word of warning: Recently the FBI asked the court in a particular case to allow them to keep quiet about their source of information. I believe it may have been this program.

This morning it was to finger XXXX with me but I caught it and thus it is time to file for my FOIA. I received a letter from DHS that they nothing but Quantico had information. So I have decided to take the letter to my lawyer and use the FOIA to gather the information that they have.

No person deserves to be treated like they treat innocent victims of these REMOTE ENHANCED INTERROGATION techniques or programs. I suggest that if they believe so strongly in this sick program that they place their loved ones in it and gather their information.

If they want me to talk it will be about them as I don't have any information that is useful to anyone. So, use your methods of torture, sex and verbal abuse along with threats and I will gladly talk but you won't appreciate what I say or to whom I say it.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nobody owns anyone and if they think they do then they are either crazy or have character flaws that normal people can't undo.

If the intelligence community ignores or denies information that they know to be true and they choose to cover it up by raping someone and simulating a gunshot to their head with technology or direct energy weapons then those intelligence agents do not care about this country. Allowing someone who participated in a terrorist act to go free and punish the person who informed them is wrong.

It only shows the ethics and integrity are below what is satisfactory to the general population and they are seriously flawed.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Sleep Deprivation

The game is like this: They try to get you to think something or to do something...when you don't then they threaten you. The best thing is not to ever do what they want because these people are NOT your friend. They will cause you harm in some way.

The last few nights I could see the drone and I was palsed and tormented all night. I have needle marks and black and blue marks. Tell it and they make you look looney or try to. I have been a target for over 16 years. I have no history of mental illness but when our government wants to silence a whistle blower or to keep a witness quiet they employ these tactics...that is what the enhanced intelligence is all about. It is NOT about keeping you safe. The FBI has stated that no terrorist were caught because of this program....

Sleep deprivation causes many types of illnesses. In fact diabetes, accidents, weight gain and heart problems have all been contributed to sleep deprivation but our government has decided that the use of this program invented by the Russians is good for this country. They have bamboozled everyone into believing that it will stop or cure mental illness, stop drug use and dealers and above all stop dumb can we be?

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Many years ago there was an incident at my house where I was watching two children that belonged to a former detective. This detective was in the hospital and I was helping out. During the night the youngest screamed and I went running to her and once I saw she was okay I took my camera and took a photo of her. The photo showed an image where her private parts would be under the cover of the same man that sexually assaulted me. I then took a photo of her sister and that photo showed a gray line going up her nose. These girls were only about seven and ten and I realized that the perverts that abused me were then attacking these two little girls.

It is disgusting to try to stay in bed and while in the almost awake state the perverts sexually assault and send sexual images that are so gross that you wonder what kind of people they are. These men ware uniforms that are dark in color and have patches on the sleeves. This particular man appears to be in a wheelchair and is almost bald with glasses. I believe that his sickness is such that he should be tested for mental illness simply because of his attack on young children.

These men and women have so little respect for themselves that they are willing to do unthinkable things to women and children. I honestly believe they are chosen for what they lack not for what they have because a normal human being would not place images of this nature in the minds of anyone. The burning in the groin is a dead give away as to what they are trying to do to us. My bedroom is ten degrees hotter than the rest of the house and it is impossible to get a normal night's sleep. Sleep deprivation is a part of this sick program where they try to gather information and verbal and physical abuse is also a part of this program. Often they threaten to destroy something I own or cause me to lose a friend or family member. Cointel is a big part of this program where they try to pit you against friends and family by telling us lies about people we care about.

It saddens me to think that our congress and president care so little about the people that they are willing to subject children to these abuses.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NSA/Quantico harassment

Today I am posting on this blog because I was tortured last night. Around three this morning I was awoken and my private parts burned as part of their secret surveillance, brain mapping enhanced interrogation program. From 3-5:30 I was bullied by lies and threatened constantly. I feel the only alternative is to file a complaint with the Inspector General....Of course they claim this only makes them laugh and they laugh at any senator who tries to expose this illegal program.

So far they have raped me, sodomized me, stolen from me, followed me across country and had me locked up for expired driver's license where I was refused a lawyer, stripped searched, impounded my car and sent my dog to a kennel. All of this because they wanted me to keep their secrets. I do believe these agents may be corrupted. This does not go to all agents just the Rudolph Task Force. If it wasn't the Task Force who was responsible for all the torture etc. then it was drug enforcement (hard to believe) when they were aware I do not do drugs, sell drugs etc.

This program is responsible for the burns on my arms, legs head and shoulders. The men and women behind this program lack integrity and are dishonest. I can see them...sometimes I can see a black round object that looks like the end of a telescope...other times a tiny light (size of the end of a pin) appears and then I taste something bitter and am forced into a deep breath...I am knocked out, woke up as a part of their illegal program.

I sent Department of Homeland Security a FOIA request and received a letter stating that I was not listed anywhere but that Quantico had my information. Why Quantico? Because they are using people to train these weapons.

Most of the time it is crowd control weapons...or weapons and technology that has the ability to wake you up where you are at the end of some dream (being questioned about stupid issues) where the dream feels like a movie with you in it. Sometimes you will see holograms. Once they placed a fighter plane in my bedroom and the men were talking like it was real. Another time they tried to make me believe that I saw an alien...I do not believe in aliens. Then there was the time that they held me against my car for over eight hours making me believe that I was being held at gunpoint or arrested. I was able to see light flashes in the sky. My dog was in the car and the temp was over 80 degrees for over six hours. When they allowed me to get the dog out I saw that he was thirsty but given the heat that was inside a car in 80 degrees with the windows up he should have been dead. I now know the weapons cooled him off and made him very groggy.

The program will use a threat to try to get you to do something or not to do something or to alter your personality. They can make you cry, angry etc by these weapons.

If you think you are in a program like this....take photos of your body...the weapons or technology can be seen on the camera. Do not destroy the camera disks because then you can't prove the pictures are not doctored.

My next plan is to send my blog link to senators.....

I have never been diagnosed with mental illness, given even a prescription for any medication, had no problems in college or school and I am a baby boomer.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sometime around 7:00AM I was attacked by a sharp pain and burning to the left side of my head. This was meant to keep me from posting details regarding several incidents that were caused by the use of these weapons and technology.  I believe that there was a cover up of several mistakes made by the Rudolph Task Force OR drug enforcement.  My involvement was only the fact that I had taped someone who knew how and who was going to do the bombing at the Olympics. The three tapes were turned over to  local authorities and then turned over to the FBI or task force.  Later there were three more tapes and I do not know if these ever made it to the FBI because the detective that I turned them over to was disgusted with the fact that they failed to do much to question the person.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Everyday victims of this secret enhanced interrogation done by Quantico and other agencies causes more suffering and pain.  Some of the victims can see the perpetrators sometimes. It seems other times they place a haze over the faces, probably because you know or see them on the street. This morning it was a look at the same person who was involved in the Swain County incident. This man has dark hair, glasses and was pretending to drive a truck with the words "Ashville Pipes" on the side. Several years later I saw him in another location in NC. Last night he threatened me that if I did not go along with him he would have to find a more sinister means to control me.

This to an ordinary citizen sounds bizarre and it is craziness on the part of the perps. First they try to get you in a state of wakefulness where you are just coming out of a sleep and the visions are always sexual then they try to manipulate you into thinking what they want. Sometimes it is just to mess with your head to keep you quiet. These same agents allowed a man to go free who at the very least could have identified the person involved in the bombings in Atlanta way back in the 90's.  This person probably was involved and I can assure you there was no lone bomber.  When the mistakes came to light then the torture and this program was used to cover up the information.

Don't threaten me because I will take steps to file a complaint with my senators or go to the news media. Tired of the harassment being done by the NSA, FBI, DEA to all citizens in this country.

Injuries I sustained while they tortured me

A picture of my bedroom wall
Outside my friends window. This was where they simulated the gunshot to my head

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The NSA Abusive Program.

The NSA through their surveillance program has abilities that are mind boggling. For instance they have the ability to communicate with the same weapons and technology that is used against pirates. They can speak to one person or everyone from a distance and not be seen.

They use this technology to harass citizens in this country. They will take one small incident in that person's life and for days, weeks and months and sometimes years make comments that are untrue in the hope that they can develop some form of anxiety or PTSD. In fact many of the victims have both. Domestic Violence victims can relate to this because it is the same type of abuse. It is meant to reduce that person to some pliable person where they can manipulate them to do as they want.

If this is not similar to the MkUltra programs of the 60's where the Church Committee supposedly brought an end to the program then nothing is. Our government just hid the program and carries it out under the illusion of protecting this country by declaring a war on drugs and a war on terrorist.  There has been no evidence that a terrorist was tried or convicted by this program.

Supposedly the largest abusers who go unsupervised is drug enforcement... I am not a terrorist nor a drug dealer or user.

They cover their abuses up by declaring people as delusional. The victim tells what they hear or see and the families fall right in line to get their loved one help for their mental illness.

The increase in mental illness is nothing but a sham and an excuse to medicate and incarcerate innocent victims.

There are many aspects of this program and I hope to add news articles and scientific evidence which is easy to find.

Monday, August 31, 2015

What is the norm with this interrogation or memory game program is that you will see a naked body image just before the genitals are manipulated. These are sick boys and girls...can't call them real men and women because they should know better.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Below is an article that now makes sense to me. Each victim of interrogation has complained of being forced to involuntarily  take a deep breath through the nose which seems to knock them out. The other point is that they often complain of odors...mine were cigarettes and coffee.

The amygdala also controls emotions, survival instincts and memory. So what is this secret program doing. Gathering our memories, destroying memories and changing emotions...why does our government want this happen to citizens here and why would they allow it except to interrogate us or destroy memories we have. Most of the time they enhance memories and they use dreams or visions to see our reaction to these things. We have become not only experiments but we are targeted for something.

Are these programs being used to try to create suicide bombers or some other suicide expedition that would kill someone. Sounds pretty crazy but one thing's certain they are messing with us.
  1. There are two amygdalae per person normally, with one amygdala on each side of brain. They are thought to be a part of the limbic system within the brain, which is responsible for emotions, survival instincts, and memory.
  2. The Amygdala: Definition, Role & Function |

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ANother sexual assault!! and with an assault comes a threat!!

While you can't help feeling sorry for a grown man who has to play with himself while he sexually assaults you it is wrong. This morning I took a photo of my private area because they had put an image in my mind of my doctor sexually assaulting me while I was sitting on the toilet. The image showed a man in a white shirt who had a hairstyle like Phil Silverman and he wore glasses. What a shame that the only way he can get his jollies off is to use technology while he manipulates his penis. It was about 6:45 in the morning while I was waking up!! He even had the nerve to say it is the bald man.

This is an example of what these poor excuses for a man will do with women when they have the opportunity. But I got his picture...

No morals, no ethics and no conscience.....what mental personality do you assign him?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shamed of our Intelligence

The ethics of the NSA spying program which is the same program the CIA, FBI, DEA, DIA use goes to the character of the men and women who participate in the use of it. They use trigger words like cancer, arrest, coming for you and the n word, lesbian and the new word for this week is cock.

Sometimes they tell you a loved one died. Yesterday and for the past week it has been Mickey who rides a motorcycle.

I don't know about you but I am not proud of these men and women I am disappointed and shamed that our branches of intelligence even consider using this enhanced interrogation program on citizens in this country.

These programs became popular under the Bush and Cheney Administration and Obama continued with them. If the people have any sense at all they will boot any congressman who did not have the balls to vote against the Freedom and PAtriot Act. When you hear Jeb Bush say he will give more powers to these agencies then you had better run from this idiot as far and fast as you can. He does not understand the constitution.

Friday, August 21, 2015

This is just a partial excerpt of my story. I did not know Rudolph and all I did was tape and turn over tapes of conversations with the person who did know him.  
In 1996 a few weeks before the Olympic Park bombing, a friend of mine started talking about how he could bomb the Olympics. He told me where and how he would place the bomb. I didn’t pay much attention because I figured he was just running his mouth. Prior to that I was asked by a detective if I knew if he was building a bomb and I didn’t. When a friend of his approached me and said he was making a bomb I turned it over to the detectives along with the name of the person who told me. Later I was offered a safe house and I believe I had some sort of protection because when I left the house I saw a pattern of protection.
On Friday afternoon the day before the bombing (it went early the following morning) XXXXX came in and asked if I heard anything about a bomb going off and I said no just a plane being hijacked. He came in around 20 till 2:00.
The following morning I got up and saw that a bomb had gone off and I thought this was what Tommy was talking about. It was when I realized that it happened after he had come in and in the manner that he said it would happen that I was devastated. However, I was sure the caller that warned about the bomb was not XXXXX. I then suspected he knew something and when I saw him I asked him about it. These conversations were put on tape and while the tapes were not very good quality I turned them over to the detective. I used a tape recorder that wasn’t voice activated on the first tape and then I bought a voice activated tape and recorded him again.
Six months later I heard the FBI asking for help and I called believing they had the tapes but told them who to call for the tapes. They never contacted me.
Later they went to visit XXXXX and it was then that I saw the other side of XXXXX and the threats and I began to record him again. In all there were six tapes. The second set of tapes where he spoke about hiding in the mountains and telling me nobody would ever see him again plus other comments like “Maybe I didn’t do it, I just know who did” in which I asked him to call the FBI. We were not on great terms but were friends until the FBI went to visit him.
He had gone to Andrews he said to water raft prior to that bombing and I saw photos. He had told me he went to WV but when I saw the photos he told me it was the Nantahala Mountains. I saw one photo and asked who the person was and he said a man named Dan who lived in a trailer and acted as a guide…he was nobody he said.
The agents never got out of the car missing a perfect opportunity to see his machine shop and a sheet of steel that had recently been cut that matched those in the photos. I had no cable, satellite and only got local news so I was limited as to the information regarding all those bombings. I gave the information to the detective and moved away.
Later when the detective was no longer employed as a detective I spoke to him. While on the phone with him I saw the Alabama information and told him that this man looked familiar to me. I dismissed it and went back to what I was doing.
I worked for a doctor and he took me on vacation with his family to Black Mountain and I took a drive to Andrews. Later I camped there and it was then that I remembered all the things I thought were insignificant.
For years I was followed but was unconcerned because I had done the right thing. However, when they came in my house while I was working and destroyed things I decided it was time to get a lawyer. This was when they didn’t need a warrant in 2001. I had old coins missing and picture destroyed.
Once Rudolph was identified and caught the agents began a campaign to silence me. It was then they decided it was okay to use weapons or technology (I believe crowd control weapons) to make me appear delusional. I was camping at the time and they used a hologram to make me think I was being held at gunpoint. Only I caught on. Of course I ended up in a hospital. However, I was able to prove I was sane and was released with no medication and no diagnosis of mental illness. This did not stop them. They then used the same technology to simulate rape. This happened the same time and in the same manner three or four nights in a row until I was injured and bleeding. The threats were to keep my mouth shut and I wasn’t getting them in trouble. Since I did not know Rudolph and I took the time to connect XXXXXX and Rudolph and they destroyed the tapes, then I believe it is them who should be under surveillance and not me. Why I was never questioned by agents remains a mystery to me instead of being placed in a program in an attempt to change my story. I believe they did not want me to tell anything about the tapes.
In the meantime I had on the advice of my lawyer given up my job and my apartment. I took a job on the tugboats thinking it would reduce the harassment. It didn’t. It made me homeless. I then asked the former detective for help and he let me stay at his grandmother’s house which he inherited but did not live in. It was here that they simulated a gunshot to my head complete with the drama of the odor of gun powder, pain in my ear and head and a feeling like my body was a sleep then cold. I heard a voice that said “Janice, this is what a gunshot to the head feels like”. I later raised money for that detective for a heart transplant. I watched his children when he was in the hospital and became friends with his entire family. He always said that Tommy was involved somehow but wasn’t sure of the extent and that he had seen Rudolph in the area.
I went to a shelter where they hired me to write grants and I then went to grant school and got my own place, was hired as a domestic violence advocate and later became a director of an agency. I retired when I saw some of these agents in town and the harassment was stepped up.
I have had my vehicles damaged, my home damaged and my reputation damaged by these people. I was one of five people who wrote the grants for housing for mental health and I later helped many agencies when they had no money and needed funding.
Although I had 17 rolls of film stolen and destroyed I have many videos and photos where the abuse and weapons are shown. The lack of integrity and supervision is apparent by the types of torture and the words they use when they use they speak.  For non-believers all they have to do is Google the article FBI Has Program that Mimics Schizophrenia to see how these people suffers when this program is used. There is no evidence that it prevents terrorist and in fact there may be some of those shooters that were in this program. To continue when the senate has admitted they don’t believe there is a way that they can provide oversight is to leave innocent American citizens to be abused and tortured. There has been Gay and Lesbians who were in this program where the program was used to make them think they were straight.
In my case one of the first threats was that they could make XXXXX shoot me or I shoot him. I did not find it credible as I did not find the Anthrax scare or any other silly comments that were made during that time. However, to continue with the torture and abuse when I am not a terrorist nor a drug dealer, seller or mentally ill is asking for a lawsuit and public attention of this program.
If I was so horrible then I am sure that a former detective would not have left his children with me to watch or allow me to stay in his home while I looked for work.
When men and women think they can use rape as a means to control anyone then those people become criminals and should be treated as such instead of given employment that allows them to continue to abuse women and children. Many men have reported severe pain from extended erections. It is sad that Americans have to form support groups and shelters for victims of these programs.
The Freedom Act is nothing but an excuse to continue with enhanced interrogation and brain mapping. Congress has proven they are not representing the people when they allow this form of abuse. My question for the people running for office is this:
What will you do if you become President to stop it?

This is exactly what the victims are going through. This morning it was a sexual scene once again because I was not doing what these unethical assholes wanted me to do. It is sad that our senators and president DO NOT PROTECT CITIZENS FROM THIS TYPE OF ABUSE.  

Outside Psychologists Shielded U.S.
Torture Program, Report Finds
WASHINGTON — The Central Intelligence Agency’s health professionals
repeatedly criticized the agency’s post-Sept. 11 interrogation program, but
their protests were rebuffed by prominent outside psychologists who lent
credibility to the program, according to a new report.
The 542-page report, which examines the involvement of the nation’s
psychologists and their largest professional organization, the American
Psychological Association, with the harsh interrogation programs of the
Bush era, raises repeated questions about the collaboration between
psychologists and officials at both the C.I.A. and the Pentagon.
The report, completed this month, concludes that some of the
association’s top officials, including its ethics director, sought to curry favor
with Pentagon officials by seeking to keep the association’s ethics policies in
line with the Defense Department’s interrogation policies, while several
prominent outside psychologists took actions that aided the C.I.A.’s
interrogation program and helped protect it from growing dissent inside the
The association’s ethics office “prioritized the protection of
psychologists — even those who might have engaged in unethical behavior —
above the protection of the public,” the report said.
Two former presidents of the psychological association were on a C.I.A.
advisory committee, the report found. One of them gave the agency an
opinion that sleep deprivation did not constitute torture, and later held a
small ownership stake in a consulting company founded by two men who
oversaw the agency’s interrogation program, it said.
The association’s ethics director, Stephen Behnke, coordinated the
group’s public policy statements on interrogations with a top military
psychologist, the report said, and then received a Pentagon contract to help
train interrogators while he was working at the association, without the
knowledge of the association’s board. Mr. Behnke did not respond to a
request for comment.
The report, which was obtained by The New York Times and has not
previously been made public, is the result of a seven-month investigation by
a team led by David Hoffman, a Chicago lawyer with the firm Sidley Austin
at the request of the psychology association’s board.
After the Hoffman report was made public on Friday, the American
Psychological Association issued an apology.
“The actions, policies and lack of independence from government
influence described in the Hoffman report represented a failure to live up to
our core values,” Nadine Kaslow, a former president of the organization, said
in a statement. “We profoundly regret and apologize for the behavior and the
consequences that ensued.”
The association said it was considering proposals to prohibit
psychologists from participating in interrogations and to modify its ethics
policies, among other changes.
The involvement of psychologists in the interrogation programs has
been a source of contention within the profession for years. Another report,
issued in April by several critics of the association, came to similar
conclusions. But Mr. Hoffman’s report is by far the most detailed look yet
into the crucial roles played by behavioral scientists, especially top officials
at the American Psychological Association and some of the most prominent
figures in the profession, in the interrogation programs. It also shows that
the collaboration was much more extensive than was previously known.
A report last December by the Senate Intelligence Committee detailed
the brutality of some of the C.I.A.’s interrogation methods, but by focusing
on the role of psychologists, Mr. Hoffman’s report provides new details, and
can be seen as a companion to the Senate report.
The C.I.A. and the Pentagon both conducted harsh interrogations
during the administration of President George W. Bush, although the C.I.A.’s
program included more brutal tactics. Some of them, like the simulated
drowning technique called waterboarding, are now widely regarded as
torture. The agency’s interrogations were done at so-called black site prisons
around the world where prisoners were held secretly for years.
The report found that while some prominent psychologists collaborated
with C.I.A. officials in ways that aided the agency’s interrogation program,
the American Psychological Association and its staff members focused more
on working with the Pentagon, with which the association has long had
strong ties.
Indeed, the report said that senior officials of the association had
“colluded” with senior Defense Department officials to make certain that the
association’s ethics rules did not hinder the ability of psychologists to remain
involved with the interrogation program.
The report’s most immediate impact will be felt at the association,
where it has been presented to the board and its members’ council. The
board met last week to discuss the report and is expected to act on its
findings soon. The association has since renounced 2005 ethics guidelines
that allowed psychologists to stay involved in the harsh interrogations, but
several staff members who were named in the report have remained at the
A C.I.A. spokesman said that agency officials had not seen it and so
could not comment.
Dissent began building within the C.I.A. against the use of so-called
enhanced interrogation techniques not long after its interrogation program
In about late 2002, the head of the C.I.A.’s Office of Medical Services,
Terrence DeMay, started to complain about the involvement in the program
of James Mitchell, a psychologist and instructor at the Air Force’s SERE
(survival, evasion, rescue and escape) program, in which United States
military personnel are subjected to simulated torture to gird them for
possible capture. Mr. Mitchell had also served as a consultant to the C.I.A.
advisory committee that included two former presidents of the psychological
One unidentified witness was quoted in the Hoffman report as saying
that doctors and psychologists in the C.I.A.’s Office of Medical Services
“were not on board with what was going on regarding interrogations, and
felt that they were being cut out of the discussion.” One leading C.I.A.
psychologist told investigators that Mr. DeMay “was berating Jim Mitchell
about being involved in the interrogation program,” and that Mr. DeMay’s
objections “related to the involvement of psychologists as professionals adept
at human behavior and manipulation.”
Mr. DeMay’s complaints “led to a substantial dispute within the C.I.A.,”
according to the report, and prompted the head of the agency’s
counterterrorism center to seek an opinion from a prominent outside
psychologist on whether it was ethical for psychologists to continue to
participate in the C.I.A.’s interrogations.
The C.I.A. chose Mel Gravitz, a prominent psychologist who was also a
member of the agency’s advisory committee. In early 2003, Mr. Gravitz
wrote an opinion that persuaded the chief of the agency’s counterterrorism
center that Mr. Mitchell could continue to participate in and support
interrogations, according to the Hoffman report.
Mr. Gravitz’s opinion, which the Hoffman report quotes, noted that “the
psychologist has an obligation to (a) group of individuals, such as the
nation,” and that the ethics code “must be flexible [sic] applied to the
circumstances at hand.”
But ethical concerns persisted at the C.I.A. In March 2004, other agency
insiders emailed the psychological association to say they were worried that
psychologists were assisting with interrogations in ways that contradicted
the association’s ethics code.
One of those who contacted the association was Charles Morgan, a
C.I.A. contractor and psychiatrist who had studied military personnel who
went through the SERE program’s simulated torture training, research that
showed that the techniques used on them could not be used to collect
accurate information.
Another, oddly, was Kirk Hubbard, a C.I.A. psychologist who was
chairman of the agency advisory committee that included two former
association presidents and on which Mr. Mitchell was a consultant. Mr.
Hubbard told the Hoffman investigators that he did not have concerns about
the participation of psychologists in the interrogation program, but emailed
the association because he had been asked to pass on the concerns of other
behavioral scientists inside the agency.
The ethical concerns raised by Mr. Morgan and others inside the C.I.A.
led to a confidential meeting in July 2004 at the psychological association of
about 15 behavioral scientists who worked for national security agencies.
This was followed by the creation of an association task force to study the
ethics of psychologists’ involvement in interrogations.
But association and government officials filled the task force with
national security insiders, and it concluded in 2005 that it was fine for
psychologists to remain involved, the report found.
The report provides new details about how Mr. Mitchell and Bruce
Jessen, another SERE trainer who would later go into business with Mr.
Mitchell, gained entree to the C.I.A.’s counterterrorism center, which hired
them to create and run the interrogation program. After Mr. Mitchell
worked as a consultant to the C.I.A. advisory committee, Mr. Hubbard
introduced Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Jessen to Jim Cotsana, the chief of special
missions in the C.I.A.’s counterterrorism center.
Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Jessen were later hired as contractors for the
counterterrorism center, where they helped create the interrogation program
by adapting the simulated torture techniques from the SERE program, using
them against detainees. (This program is currently being used against citizens in the United States as noted by me)
Separately, Joseph Matarazzo, a former president of the psychological
association who was a member of the C.I.A. advisory committee, was asked
by Mr. Hubbard to provide an opinion about whether sleep deprivation
constituted torture. Mr. Matarazzo concluded that it was not torture,
according to the report.
Later, Mr. Matarazzo became a 1 percent owner of a unit of Mitchell
Jessen and Associates, the contracting company Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Jessen
created to handle their work with the C.I.A.’s interrogation program. Mr.
Matarazzo was also listed as a partner of the company in a 2008 annual
report, according to the Hoffman report.
Mr. Matarazzo said he had not read the report and could not comment.
Mr. Hubbard, after he retired from the C.I.A., also did some work for
Mitchell Jessen and Associates.
The report reaches unsparing conclusions about the close relationship
between some association officials and officials at the Pentagon.
“The evidence supports the conclusion that A.P.A. officials colluded with
D.O.D. officials to, at the least, adopt and maintain A.P.A. ethics policies
that were not more restrictive than the guidelines that key D.O.D. officials
wanted,” the report says, adding, “A.P.A. chose its ethics policy based on its

goals of helping D.O.D., managing its P.R., and maximize the profession.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

While the Obama Administration and congress passed a bill to stop the unlawful seems that it forgot about the remote brain mapping and enhanced interrogation of American citizens. 

I have read that the DEA is the agency that violates and uses this method of gathering information. I also read where the FBI has requested that they do not have to reveal their sources where they got their information. This is probably because it would be illegal to use information gathered in this manner. Our Bill of Rights guarantee that you have the right to a lawyer and with this method they have the ability to gather all the information from you without your consent or a lawyer.

That is what our country under the Patriot Act and Freedom Act has become. 

During the night the victims of this program is subjected to all types of torture and chatter. The chatter is usually filled with lies but these unethical morons don't care if they lie, steal, cheat or cover up crimes and their mistakes.

I got in this program because I identified a co-conspirator of someone that they had arrested. Even with tapes that I later learned were destroyed they allowed him to go free. My torture was to shut me up.

Since then I have found many other victims who were subjected to games that made them appear to be delusional when in fact they were quite normal. I was lucky...I did not get a diagnosis of mental illness and no medication but this did not stop them from using technology to rape me and simulate a gunshot to the head. The gunshot came complete with all the drama that you would feel if it actually happened.

Our constitution appears to be dead in the water and we are now no better than Iraq or Iran who believe such torture is normal. Fifteen years and these corrupted agents still continue to harass and chatter. 

The game these agencies play is to discredit anyone who knows what they are doing. This method causes great concern in families and often the victims lose their jobs, spouses and most of the time their homes. It is deceiving to anyone who does not know this program is being used.  There has been forced medication and often misdiagnosed mental health issues. 

It is sad that our government partakes in this type of CIA programs and now they have been used by other agencies. How corrupt these men and women are. I wonder how they sleep at, they don't because they are too busy harassing others. What games they play at tax-payers expense. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

This was sent to my email and I published this because the same issues are hidden secretly here in the United States under the Patriot Act. JOIN PAUL RAND by emailing your senator that you want the Patriot Act repealed or any part of the Patriot Act that undermines the Constitution of the United States.

I am not familiar with this group and have not contacted any of these people but I believe that our issues are similar in this country.

Last year's global surveillance disclosures leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden have sent planetary shock waves around the globe and outraged the public. In fact, they only represent a small percentage of the numerous illegal activities and programs perpetrated on citizens in the EU and beyond.

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electrical stimulation of the brain." 
- Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado, Director of Neuropsychiatry, Yale University Medical School, 24 February 1974 -

When the infamous CIA mind control program Project MKUltra first came to light by the mid 1970s through investigations of the Church Committee of the US Congress, statements such as Dr. Delgado's congressional testimony, shocked the public.

Today, the existence of weapons related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism covertly tested on the global population is a terrifying reality. It is possible to read thoughts as well as plant thoughts into the human brain that you cannot distinguish from your own unless you are very aware. Also, electronic weaponry can give all kinds of physical pains and body damage without leaving evidence. Such weapons operating on new physics principles (often using invisible radio waves and through-wall technology) are used to torture or inflict other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and are thus not compatible with the relevant EU Guidelines. They stand in direct violation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and international conventions and treaties.

With the support of key-note speakers like former highly placed NSA intelligence official and CIA consultant William Binney amongst other distinguished medical, juridical and technology experts, the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment (EUCACH) and STOPEG Foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking) are now organizing this unique event to stimulate the debate on such unethical, non-consensual research and look for solutions to end the abuse. 

  • Help us mobilize public opinion to ban weaponry and methods endangering human health and life!
  • Participate in finding appropriate legal and/or political solutions to protect humanity's right to life!
  • Say NO to transhumanism, if it means the destruction of human autonomy and dignity!
We look forward to welcoming you at the event.

For more information please contact: Peter Mooring (STOPEG)
Phone: +31 6 4124 3030

Melanie Vritschan (EUCACH)
Phone: +32 475 92 85 77
When a person tries to do the right thing by giving information that could save many lives and then is punished for it then something is wrong with the Justice system. We know that not every intelligence agent, law enforcement person is as honest as they should be. In fact some of the agents involved should be fired for some of the things they do. Rape is an instance and any agent using technology (called mechanical rape) to make another person believe they are being raped or the use of the technology to actually rape a person should be fired. The fact that our congress has chosen to ignore the pleas of many victims is a sign that our constitution means nothing to them. 

If gathering information at the risk of harming another human being either physically or mentally is being used then they are no better than the police on the streets who are shooting people for no reason. I suggest you get on Paul Rand's band wagon and support him in his quest to bring this country back to where it belongs.
Thanks to Rand Paul for having the courage to stand up against a bill that is anything but patriotic. It seems that the less the public would approve or condone a bill the more it is given a name to deceive the public. 

The truth is that many citizens are tortured because some agency such as the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security, CIA and DEA and many more want information or want the opposite and that is to silence information. 

When mistakes are made by these agencies then lies are told to get that person into a program as an attempt to keep them quiet.

There are other reasons for this program and all are illegal. The information gathered is gathered without benefit of legal counsel and therefore can't be used against the victim. In fact because it can be done while in a state of REM without the victims knowledge many do not realize that they are the target of one or more of these agencies. 

The men and women who do this are not in my estimation ethical, moral or honest. Once you find out you are a victim they do their best to try to discredit you. This program has many names including enhanced interrogation, brain mapping and even surveillance.

We all know that surveillance should stop outside your door but with this program it has the ability to come inside your mind and private residence and to cause your home to no longer be your castle.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brain Mapping

I don't know how much anyone who reads this blog knows about brain mapping but I can tell you that most of it is about making you think something or changing your thinking. Pure Frankenstein garbage. One example is this: 5:00 Am this morning the perverts wanted me to believe that I was masturbating myself and this was what they attempted to plant in my mind while they tried to mimic an orgasm. These are very sick men and women who have little respect for themselves or anyone else. My crime is that they are afraid that I will become a whistle blower against some federal agents who really committed a crime.

Sometimes they create an emotional response or they want to create anxiety, PTSD and other responses. They will try to create suicide but most of the victims realize what they are doing.

I am one of the lucky ones who realize where they are taking my emotions. Some are not so lucky and rumors are that 26 people that we know of have committed suicide. These people who do these programs are treating people in inhumane methods and the consequences have been devastating to many. Some have broken marriages, some lose their homes and jobs. Some their families and friends. Yet it continues and our congress fails the people once again.



Monday, May 12, 2014

Human Rights Violations by our Government Agencies

The mind can be used against us by the use of technology. Way back in the 60's people began seeing shadows, there were a lot of mysterious deaths where there was no finding of a cause. I believe the experiments that started back then are still going forward. That some of the techniques are used for the good of the people and other techniques for evil. If we can make the mind believe certain things then we can make the mind do certain things. It is the placebo effect.

We know that citizens are being hit with weapons and technology that are of military grade. In addition, we know they are covering up some experiments under the disguise of surveillance and they are funded by our tax dollars. We know that these weapons can be used in various ways, some can be used to make the mind think that you have been raped, that you have seen something or they can be used to destroy a memory. Some of these weapons have the ability to actually in real time rape and sodomize the victims.

All of these experiments began a long time ago and were supposed to have been stopped but were never stopped. Some began with people moving objects and in the 60's ten people died that were subjected to experiments. Yet, they went on and on.

Today Obama is telling you that brain mapping will cure diseases. He mentioned Parkinson and Alzheimer's and that may be true but the use of low frequencies and micro-waves or EMF is also being used to target individuals as a means to gather data and as a means to punish those who know what is happening. Our Defense Department has no legal right to experiment on people without written consent and those people should be compensated because there are and has been reported injuries.

When you go to vote please keep in mind that those in office have turned a blind eye and ears to those who are pleading for the abuse to stop.  It is all about Mind Control and maybe those people in office are already under the control of the sinister people who believe they have the right to invade our privacy to the extent of playing mind games or by physically and psychologically harming us. The History of these people is well documented and the proof is there if you research it.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How long does it take the NSA to determine if you are a terrorist or threat? Is it just the NSA?

As a result of this post or even if I contact my senator to complain about the spying on U.S. citizens I will be attacked in some manner. I will see helicopters possibly just drone helicopters, police because we are not allowed to complain or even tell what we know. We get burned, subdued with some type of radio frequencies and we get more abuse.

I know that not all intelligence agents are cruel or evil and I know that we need protection in this crazy world at this crazy time but I also am aware that some have taken their power to the extremes where innocent people including children are injured for life.

There is a 2nd grade mentality where they (intelligence) believe they should retaliate against anyone who tells it like it is. I have been a target for over 13 years and I have the scars on me to prove that enhanced interrogation is not any different than pulling someone in a room and torturing them. They think if they erase some of the details from your mind before you awake that everything they do is justified. We are targets for training and behavior modification programs where we were doing nothing wrong. I have no history of any mental illness, no drugs and I certainly am not a threat to anyone. I never ever believed in any type of violence. So I am just being kept silenced.

I am not so sure the NSA program is all about terrorist. That is because being a target goes on for years and years. Children are subjected to the same torture and dreams as the adults. So, exactly what is going on? I think it is mind games. These games include bullying, sexual assault, rape and dreams or nightmares. They use bee stings to keep you from calling your senators or telling the truth about their programs, they use heat and burns to keep you silent. Some victims report that even in church they are subjected to stings and mind games. Chatter is a major part of this program. SO is there really freedom of religion, speech? We already know we have lost our privacy. Those who are targeted in the bathroom, shower and bedroom know that these men and women have become perverts and enjoy being voyeurs. They may even get their jollies off at their victims expense. Many of the victims can see their abusers.

I think we need a National Registry where we can go and list or post photos of our tortures. Maybe then they won't pretend to the senate that the victims are terrorist, drug dealers or need psychological support. We all know that many of the victims were targeted with "crowd control" weapons to pursued them to do something that would make them appear to need mental health. Many of the victims were picked up on trumped up charges to get them to a mental health institute. These victims were often medicated and misdiagnosed as being delusional or depressed. Some given medications for psychosis that did not exist. Some like myself were released without a diagnosis of mental illness but were still bullied, raped and subjected to trauma such as a simulated gunshot to the head. This gunshot came with all the drama that goes with a gunshot to the head.

We ask ourselves who are the mentally ill and I think it is anyone who would do or approve of what is being done by military and intelligence.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Today I would like you to read this, you could be next.

Today I want to talk to you about how it feels to be targeted by NSA and Homeland Security programs. My friend Sheila Weinberg compared it to walking down the street with a man who is beating you up and everyone ignoring you and there is nothing you can do.

Some of these programs we know are illegal but because they are done secretly and are so unbelievable it is difficult to get family and friends to listen to you. In fact that is part of the program and that is how they can continue. It isn't enough that people complain about surveillance or wire tapping because these programs include brain mapping, and neural monitoring. Both of these programs can be done with drones and satellites. With the technology today that the Coast Guard uses to combat pirates these men and women have the ability to bully and harass our citizens even when they have done nothing. In fact even if they found a terrorist they would not turn them in.

Drug enforcement is another agency responsible for the use of this technology. I have a friend who was to testify in a drug case and drug enforcement found someone else and began to target my friend. He had stopped using drugs over ten years and was raising his son but they still harassed him.

Sleep deprivation and the use of pain is part of this program. In my case it is that I am to keep my mouth shut and the minute that I disagree with their distorted lies I am hit with pain. I am deprived of sleep and have been for over thirteen years. I am not mentally ill even after they tried their best to make me look like I was with crowd control weapons and other technology. I got a clean bill of mental health and no diagnosis of mental illness but it doesn't stop them. The next thing was mechanical rape (as my friend Sheila calls it) where they simulate a rape while they simulated tying my legs together so that I was unable to move. All the time they did this they were telling me that I had better keep my mouth shut.

What was I to keep quiet about? The fact that tapes were turned over to the FBI and later destroyed. These tapes would have made the Lone Wolf not so lonely. Today I am targeted not because I did anything wrong but because of a huge cover up by many agencies.

These programs change your emotions, can make you a recluse or can persuade you to do things that you would not normally do. They have been enlarged upon by the Patriot Act and the fact that congress and our president have allowed these horrific attacks on the people to continue under the false illusion that they will prevent terrorism.

Our President Obama stood before the American people when he thought Snowden would reveal these programs and stated that he was going to explore brain mapping as a means to stop diseases. He was not telling you everything. These programs began in the 60's and because of technology have become a means to gather intelligence. In 2010 India ruled in the Supreme Court that information gathered by the means of brain mapping could not be used against a defendant if he had not consented to it. Today those same laws would apply under our constitution except the FBI has asked that they not have to reveal their sources. Unconstitutional and if you think that you are a victim and have been arrested then take your case to the Supreme Court as your information can't legally be used against you.

My writings are the direct result of being harassed about something so stupid as 7th grade. Their information came from me and they thought they could taunt me with it last night. I did not give them the information they got it illegally. I wake up with blood spots on my sheets and pillows daily. I have ruined my clothing as a result of their programs.

Brain mapping and neural monitoring can be done remotely and while you sleep with today's weapons and technology.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

They are not chosen for what they have but for what they lack!

When you are a victim of one of the NSA programs you may be burned in your groin for hours, you will suffer sleep deprivation. Brain mapping may be done while asleep, but I believe it possibly keeps the brain awake. Tonight is one of those days and it was preceded by several nights of sleep deprivation and burning of the genitals. You must ask yourself why our congress funds programs like these. If you have the money for a lawyer, then I suggest that if you are a victim of these burns regardless where they burn you, then take photos.

Someday these unethical, unconscionable men and women may be identified and these programs will be investigated like the other illegal programs such as MkUltra, Pandora Project.

I just wanted to watch television not be bullied or burned. I have done nothing to deserve this. It is UN-American to treat other humans in this manner. It is unethical for the media to keep it silent. It does not protect you from terrorist. Most of the targets are being silenced by this program and are being targeted for everything and anything for no reason.

These agents lack supervision and therefore think it is a joke to rape a women with this technology, sexually harass her and to make threats. They have been known to use crowd control technology that enables them to make these people appear delusional. Holograms are a common sight for victims of this program.

GOOGLE: Brain Mapping, remote neural interrogation and enhanced interrogation.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rogue NSA Agents and other rogue agents.

We have all heard about the IRS and what they are doing to non-profits. Do you know that people who are under surveillance are reporting the same types of abuses. They are getting their money taken away as fast as they receive it. The banks are subjecting them to new rules even when they have had their accounts for years. The discrimination against targets of the behavioral units, Homeland Insecurity and the NSA has been never like it is since the Bush and Obama administrations Patriot Act. Even if you do not like Rand Paul, you must give him credit for trying to protect all of our individual privacy rights.

What have we done? I did nothing but try to give some apparently rogue agents some information. I then became a subject of an investigation that has destroyed my life in ways that nobody would understand. I have been subjected to the same scrutiny by the IRS that non-profits have had to endure. I recently had my bank withdraw a credit when I had done nothing to deserve it. I have had mysterious injuries to my body and my vehicles.

Do you ask yourself why television is producing programs like "Mind Games", Criminal Minds and other programs related to what is going on in this country?

I am no threat to anyone, I am 66 years old and I just want to be left alone.

Monday, February 10, 2014

You sit in your house trying to watch TV and you see the tiny tiny lights flickering in the room, on the ceiling and walls. Who are you bothering? What kind of threat is a 67 year old lady? You can feel the pulsing on various areas of your body. Sometimes it is in perverted places. So, what does the NSA, Homeland Security, or any other agency want with me?

Then you hear the ugly ugly comments and threats. This is what type of program? Behavioral modification? Enhanced interrogation, Brain Mapping?  It is nothing but terrorism sponsored by our government. Does congress really think this is the way to gather intelligence? Is it just another way to shut up whistle blowers?

Most of the victims have the same horrendous stories to tell. We have been burned, scarred, sexually assaulted, we have been called horrific names and for what purpose? Thirteen years for me but there are some that are longer. We are not mentally ill, drug addicts, dealers, terrorist but perhaps we are just human experiments. Non-consensual experiments just like MK-ULTRA, Pandora and the syphilis.

I think we need more activist and we need to remember that Mandela sat in a prison but never lost his dignity and never gave in. He was tortured, experimented on and he was a good guy; just like me.

There men and women have no conscience, no ethics, no supervision and no guidelines regardless of what you hear about the changes in these NSA programs. It isn't true. Nothing has changed.

Friday, September 27, 2013

This is Unacceptable

NSA employees spied on significant others

At least 12 employees with the National Security Agency have intentionally misused the government's surveillance authority in the last decade, according to an inspector general's report provided to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa.

These employees weren't surveying potential terrorists or enemies of the state - the targets of spying abuse, in a majority of the 12 violations, were the employees' significant others.

 In one instance, a civilian NSA employee who suspected her husband had been unfaithful queried a foreign telephone numbers she'd discovered in her husband's cell phone. The query resulted in her husband's voice collection. The NSA inspector general determined a violation had occurred, referring the matter to the agency's general counsel, but the employee resigned before she was formally disciplined.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Navy Shipyard Murders

Tonight on the news the FBI stated that the man responsible for the twelve deaths in the Navy shipyard left a note saying he was attacked by electromagnetic waves or low frequencies and he was delusional. 

I believe he was acting delusional as anyone who would kill innocent people as he did for what he believed was happening to him was certainly acting delusional.

One of the biggest issues that the people who are attacked are having is to determine what is and who is attacking them. Research has proven that the use of technology and weapons to interrogate or gather data has it's pitfalls. Those pitfalls are that these people are hearing external voices that tell them they are terrible and to encourage them to make many mistakes in their lives. Some think that before they did anything delusional that they felt in a trance others remember every detail and that is something that when you are in a delusional state does not happen.

If the name of the technology being used is not electromagnetic or low frequencies then maybe the FBI can tell us what this is. Some people believe it may be the active denial weapons system among other things.

Was this man a real victim or was he a schizophrenic?   We may never know but if he was a victim then that in itself should tell the agencies using this program that it is more dangerous than ever imagined and congress should not fund it.

After more than ten years of being burned and sexually assaulted along with sleep deprivation I can assure you that this technology exist. There are doctors, lawyers and even scientist in this program and they are not delusional.

My heart goes out to the victims of this terrible injustice.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Call Your Senator

Once in a while I post what they are doing to us. First it is a continuous parade of sexual games. Then we are subjected to verbal threats and from there it is nothing but lies. The use of weapons and technology to harass anyone who is a whistle blower, or anyone who they believe is different and those who they want to silence is something you would think a third world country like Iran and Iraq would participate in but while we use propaganda to make others think we are above that, they have been doing it to women, children and men.

Yes children. It is not because they are looking for terrorist or believe we are a threat of any kind, it is because we know what they have done and are doing to us. We have become experiments, we are used as a tool for teaching and training. Does our President and congress know? Yes, we have all complained to every avenue available. Some senators have tried to stop this especially after Snowden telling on the NSA.

It is not just the NSA but it is the FBI, DEA, ATF and now this technology has been made available to the State Police and other law enforcement.

As time goes on neural monitoring (remote) and brain mapping will become the norm because nobody spoke up soon enough. Maybe our senators and Presidents and their children will become victims. What better way for these agencies including the CIA to control America.

People if you want to believe everyone in this has done something then please read more about these programs. You may never know that they have gotten your private information or you may become the target of unethical men and women and be tortured.

Monday, September 02, 2013

There is no way to oversee these NSA and CIA, DEA, FBI and other intelligence agency programs. I heard a senator say this. That means that we have the potential for rogue agents to use this technology for sexual exploitation of young girls as well as their having the ability to rape them.

It is one thing to have a dream and another to have a dream planted in your mind that is violent or sexual in nature. It has occurred to me that some of these men are getting their jollies off on the women in this program and some enjoy causing erections for hours at a time to the men.

There is no honor in this program only those with no morals or integrity. Thomas Jefferson said he feared that moral would not catch up to science and it has proven to be true.

Please do not stop complaining about the billions of dollars spent on enhanced interrogation. This is done remotely by neural monitoring and brain mapping.

CALL YOUR SENATOR, WRITE OR EMAIL.  What we are experiencing is what everyone will be subjected to if it is not stopped.

If you speak to your neighbor who knows a terrorist and you do not have any knowledge of this, you could become a targeted individual. You do not have to be guilty of anything.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records aid decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for Brain-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.)  
For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject's verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain's auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.  
Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex. bypassing the eyes and optic nerves. NSA operatives can use this to surreptitiously put images in a surveillance subject's brain while they are in R.E.M. sleep for brain-programming purposes.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Thank you ACLU

Top government officials have been defending the NSA’s secret collection of phone records of every American. But the argument they are using today to justify mass surveillance of phone calls could be used to justify ANY amount of intrusion into Americans’ private lives. Imagine, for example, what would happen if it were discovered that the NSA had placed a secret microphone and video camera in the living room and bedroom of every home in America. It’s easy to predict how the government would defend that kind of spying. Here is what they would probably say:
  • The audio and video data collected from Americans’ homes do not constitute “surveillance” because nobody watches or listens to the recordings, unless they obtain a warrant. Actually, not a real warrant, or even a subpoena, but permission through an internal NSA process based on—trust us!—very, very strict criteria. Or in a small number of other very exceptional circumstances.
  • The program has been approved by the chairs of the major congressional intelligence committees, as well as the secret FISA Court.
  • While it’s true that even the sweepingly broad Patriot Act requires that data be “relevant” to an investigation, there has never been a requirement thatevery piece of data in a dataset that is turned over be relevant, only that the data set be generally relevant . When it comes to the mass of data that we are collecting from people’s homes, we know there is relevant information in there, and if we don’t preserve that data, we won’t be able to find it when we need it.
  • At least 50 acts of terrorism-like crimes have been prevented. We can’t release details of these successes, but they include several people caught building bomb-like objects in their kitchens, two instances in which women who were kidnapped years ago were found being kept prisoner within private homes, and numerous instances of domestic violence.
All of the arguments above are essentially what the NSA’s current defenders have been saying. My point is that there are few limits to the spying that their arguments could be used to justify.
The idea of the NSA secretly visiting every home in America to hide audio and video bugs inside may seem far-fetched, but what they have actually done is not quite as different as it might seem. It was not long ago that in order for the government to collect telephone metadata (all telephone numbers called and received), the authorities had to attach telephone bugs known as “pen register” and “trap and trace” devices to a home’s physical telephone line. Today it no longer needs to do that, but its mass collection of telephone metadata accomplishes the same end through virtual means, and just because the technology makes it possible to carry out such spying through the reshuffling of digital files at telephone central offices, doesn’t mean it’s any less intrusive than if the NSA were to physically attach a bug on the telephone wires outside every home.